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Testing the Tesla Model 3, and Correcting the Early Reviews

Tesla delivered over 30 Model 3s to customers, and we got a chance to review the most important car of this century (or as it is said). The debut of Model 3 leads to three big questions, these are:

  • Is it Tesla? Does it feel similar to Model S?
  • How alienating it will feel as compared to gas powered car at this price?
  • Last but not least, is it fast?

Testing the Tesla Model 3, and Correcting the Early Reviews

This is not time for full reviews. But there are a few things we can talk about. It has a great torque, and satisfactory. It will take more miles to make people buy it, but they are rady for the change.

The Looks

Subtle touches in interior, with hidden air conditioning vents, and spacious look, the minimalistic approach pulls off with glass roof. The non-traditional elements are a little disconnecting but they will be a part of the future range. The gauge cluster is a customizable, and can be nerdy, but that is to be excepted.

Driving the Car

Once again, the reviews are not based on a prolonged driving experiencing, but just a few minutes behind the steering wheel.  This car feels safer and more intuitive than other electric and hybrid cars in competition.

Tesla is trying to make its footmark in a market that it convincingly avoided for years. With the base price of $40,000, and options exceeding to $60,000, Tesla is going to compete the Japanese who have been dominating this sector for years.

Testing the Tesla Model 3, and Correcting the Early Reviews 2


There are some concerns about the build quality of new Model 3. But with a range of 200 miles, and price tag of 40k for an all-electric drive, Tesla is bound to make history. This is too early to speculate anything but we are interesting to see how this move will affect the market.

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4 Marketing Tips for Softwares Developer

Are you into softwares development , and you need an effective approach to market your products. Software development is a competitive business and you need to make people aware of your presence and what you stand for (just like any business) To help you craft a winning marketing stragety, we are giving you the following pointers. Read Also: SaaS Marketing Agencies

4 Marketing Tips for Softwares Developer


You need to maintain a high ranking search result whenever you release a new product. There are certain rules you need to follow. These are:

  • Improve Link Popularity
  • Add New Content
  • Analyze Results
  • Test Different Keywords
  • Improve the Design and Interface

You need to get professional SEO help if you want to establish an effective software marketing strategy.

Submit The Shareware to Different Sources

You need to promote your brand’s softwares by submitting to different download sites and directories. Come with a Portable Application Description (PAD). Pay attention to the traffic you win from the sites and invest in potential leads. These sources help you to get more back-links and improve your link popularity. This will improve your website ranking, and position in search engines.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing really pays off, these are people who will promote and sell your product from their own sites. They will charge you commission for every sale. The only reason you should try affiliate is you only pay for results. You only pay the softwares affiliate after a purchase.  The compensation is based on Pay per click, Pay per lead, and Pay per sale.

4 Marketing Tips for Softwares Developer 2

Newsletter and Press Release

This is an easy way to stay in touch with clients, and prospects. An email newsletter distribution will be a great help to promote your softwares product. You will need to ask for their permission before you can send them anything. But once you get the permission. It will be an effective and personal approach to your customers.