Garage Door Repair Silverton, Fairview

8 Ways to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

Most of the burglars enter the house through the garage door as people worry about the jewelry and valuable stuff in the house but forgets about the power tools and car which certainly doesn’t come cheap.

Garage Door Repair Silverton, Fairview

It isn’t the burglar fault if you don’t worry about your garage door condition or you keeping it slightly open to let a cool breeze inside. If you are in Silverton or in Fairview and you want to professional for a new garage door installation. Here are 8 ways you can keep the thieves out of your garage.

  1. Throw Some Light: The garage area should be well lit as these burglars take advantage of the dark to rob a house. Installing a motion-sensing floodlight makes the burglar think ten times before breaking into the house.
  2. No Plants near the Garage: Some people plant small trees and more leafy plants to make the driveway look good but little do they that these plants work to act as a perfect hiding place for the thief so he can break in when the ghost is clear.
  3. Double-check the Garage: Before going to sleep, always double-check the garage door is perfectly so that no one can break easily.
  4. Conceal your Belongings: Hide valuables items like your power tools etc in plain sight that becomes an eye candy for every thief.
  5. Location of your remote: People usually keep the garage door remote in the car which is known by every common burglar, if they see valuable stuff in the garage home, they won’t hesitate to steal from the car. Keep the remote in that place where only you can find it.
  6. Protect your Lock: Use a Garage Shield that conceals your garage door’s emergency release cord, making it impossible for a thief to use it to break in.
  7. Service Door: Most exterior garages have an exterior door that usually has a weak lock makes it easier to break in, change them before it is too late.
  8. Home Entry Door: While putting main stress on the garage security don’t get to forget about the home entry door, losing tools is bearable but risky the family safety is not. Properly reinforce the garage entry door.

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