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AI Video and Its Future

When we look at the pace at which AI technology takes over humans, we can predict that AI video and its future are pretty bright. Making video in the old days was one of the most hectic tasks. 

You need a lot of resources like talented people, cameras, mikes, space, and many people to handle all the workload. It was very time-consuming and expensive, especially when making a video for your business promotion. 

The task of video making is now becoming so much easier than it was in the past due to AI video generators.  

Al Studios

Power of Video

It is challenging to understand the power of the video; it can communicate to a large audience to convey your messages as people are more attracted to a visual or audio than a simple, readable text or email. The chances of a lead to convert in the sale is more through a video than direct mail, vouchers or text, etc. It is considered an essential part of online learning, digital marketing, and many other purposes. 

AI video and its future is bright with companies like Deepbrain AI 

Deepbrain is the most popular company that has increased $44 million in a Succession B round. It offers the services of AI video under the name of AI STUDIOS. The services of AI video generating provided by them are just outstanding. It provides various features to its users such as:

  • TTS(Text To Speak)
  • TTV(Text To Video)
  • Offers four language options (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Multiple options for AI Avatar (11 artificial humans can be used as default)
  • AI Generator to generate automatic subtitles with manual editing options
  • CES INNOVATION AWARD of 2022 honoree product has been given to AI STUDIOS by Deepbrain Inc. 

Using AI STUDIOS in the form of computers and SaaS, all the costly expenses have been removed, and a single person can do the task in no time. So to prevent any mishap and spam, a reliable source is needed, so TRY AI STUDIO NOW; you won’t regret using it ever.