What do you need to know about API Testing

API is the form of software testing. This is used to check the working of an API or application program interface. The API testing is done to verify the programs. API testing is done to check the functionality, security, performance, and reliability of the programs. The tests are part of integration testing on the API. This is a middleware code that helps in the communication and interaction of the programs. The applications have three layers which include an API layer, a service layer, and a data layer. The presentation layer is known as UI.


An API Tester does the API testing. It analyses the businesses and the security of the businesses. The API tests are done to check the single and multiple API endpoints. The API endpoints are compared with the expected results. API tests are done to remove the bugs and viruses before they reach the clients.

Approaching API testing

The API testing starts with a defined scope. This is done by checking the understanding of the API functioning and the program’s scope. The tester asks some questions relating to the available endpoints for testing, the response for the successful requests, the response codes for unsuccessful requests, and the error messages that appear as successful requests.

After the testers understand these factors, they apply different testing techniques. The tests are done for the analysis of different responses, such as reply time, data quality, confirmation, authorization, HTTP status codes, and error codes.

API testing is effectively done to check the endpoints, such as web services, databases, and web user interface. The tests are done to watch the failed inputs and unexpected inputs. The response time needs to be acceptable to the limit. The API protects against bugs and attacks.